Custom Heart Photo Necklace Evolution: A Timeless Jewelry Piece

Custom Heart Photo Necklace Evolution: A Timeless Jewelry Piece

Heart shaped necklaces are truly an everlasting accessory with a rich history. From lockets to diamond bezzeled medallions, this style has stood the test of time. 

1. Lockets: Since the Victorian era, these pendants that open and close in the shape of a heart were worn to keep a loved one's portrait or a lock of hair near one's chest. These tokens of affection were worn as a declaration of commitment. Heart-shaped lockets are a great gift for a loved one to show you care. 

2. Pendants: Necklaces made from personal photographs are currently very popular, particularly those in the shape of a heart. The heart locket, originally worn only by women, eventually became a standard item of jewellery for both sexes as a token of affection between friends and lovers. A custom picture necklace is suitable for so many occasions and makes a memorable gift.

3. Medallions: While the heart locket was once very popular, it went out of style in the 20th century. It came back into style in the '80s and '90s. Heart pendants have recently made a comeback as a result of the growing craze of personalising them with photographs. Personalized medallion picture pendants with an iced bezel have emerged as a cultural favorite.

A bespoke heart photo necklace, whether in a classic or contemporary style, is an exquisite and enduring piece of jewellery that will be appreciated for a lifetime. Heart picture necklaces make the perfect birthday, anniversary, or Valentine's gift.

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