One Piece Swimwear: On and Off the Beach

One Piece Swimwear: On and Off the Beach

To begin, I simply want to say thank you to the fashion gods for answering my prayers and finally combining fashion and swimwear. I am honestly shocked it took so long to create swimwear that can actually crossover and be worn away from the water.

1. One Piece Thong Bathing Suit:
Who thought we would be running to buy a thong one piece, but here we are. This style is figure flattering for almost anyone, and thanks to the body positivity movement we are empowered to show off our assets, if you know what I mean. The body suit has always been on trend and now with the one piece thong back on top, you can create a perfect, basic look. Pair it with jeans, shorts or a skirt, for simplistic style and, no underwear lines!

2. Ruffle Sleeve Swimsuit:
OK, this style is truly a triple threat. A ruffle bikini or one piece is simply adorable, while adding a feminine touch without sacrificing coverage or support. Plus ruffle sleeve bathing suits can help protect sunburn prone shoulders too. Lastly, who can say no to a one piece ruffle swimsuit that can transition into a fabulous outfit post beach or poolside. 

3. Printed One Piece Bathing Suits:
Quite possibly my favorite, anything from a sexy leopard one piece to a feminine floral one piece swimsuit, print is hot! One-piece swimsuits are also great for people who want extra support and coverage without sacrificing their tan.

So Baywatch had the right idea and now we have all hopped on this trend. Perfect for every body type while doubling for fashion pieces, the one piece swimsuit is here to stay.

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