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Seek Sunny Skies: Pack the Right Swimwear for Your Holiday

Tropical Getaway for Winter Blues

Many struggle in winter. The "winter blues" are caused by cold weather, short days, and lack of sunlight. It's no secret that a tropical vacation can cure this seasonal sadness!

1. Pick a Place: A tropical vacation can cure winter's gloom. Sunlight, warmth, and beauty can boost your mood and energy, but a trip of this nature requires some planning. First, pick a sunny, warm location. Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mexico, and South East Asia are popular.

2. Choose a vacation type: Do you want to relax on the beach, explore the culture, or do outdoor activities? 

3. Pack Your Bags: Now for the fun part, packing that strappy one piece swimsuit or brazilian beach bathing suit! No tropical vacation is complete without the right swimwear. It can be hard to choose from so many styles so be sure to pack a variety of choices. Women's swimwear has evolved to flatter various body types. One-piece swimsuits and high-waisted bikinis can show off your curves. Perhaps your travelling with family and need more full coverage swimwear, try a tankini, supportive one piece or medium coverage two piece. Ruffle sleeve bathing suits and high waisted bottoms are not only in style but also make for comfortable and modest swimwear choices. 

4. Take all the pictures: Packing cute and sexy swimwer is also important for all the photos you will be taking and posting. 

So book a warm, sunny vacation and don't forget your dream vacation swimsuit.


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