White Bathing Suits: a Timeless Swimwear Trend

White Bathing Suits: a Timeless Swimwear Trend

Imagine yourself sitting in the warm, soft sand. You can hear the waves gently crashing on the shore and you feel the warm sun penetrate your skin. Is there really anything better? Now what are you wearing? A white swimsuit may not seem like a bold choice, but it can really be a show stopper. 

1. Sexy White Swimsuit: Let's be honest, white is hot! Is it because it resembles classic lingere? Who knows, but a sexy white bikini doesn't leave much to the imagination!

2. Bride Bathing Suit: Nowaday's bride-to-be's are taking their bachelorette parties out of town! Vegas, Mexico, Palm Springs; you name it! The bride-to-be will be in a white one piece bathing suit or bikini and her bridal party will wear black or red. So if you or a friend are getting hitched, be sure to pack a sexy white swimsuit and a white bathing suit cover up. 

3. Classic White Swimsuit: There is something simplistic about a white bathing suit. I personally love that you can add a bright swimsuit cover up or keep your overall look neutral. White goes with everything so it's really easy to style your look. You can step away from simple too and find ruffle white swimsuits and sexy white one pieces too!

There are so many stylish, white swimwear options now so you are sure to find a style that works for you! White swimwear for tanning is always a good choice as your skin will glow against this light shade! 

If your swimwear collection doesn't include a white bathing suit, get shopping! 

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